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What people say about me

I am very grateful indeed for the kind words about me from the people below.

"Please accept my profound thanks for your support"
Iain Duncan Smith MP

“Edward is one of the most hard working and committed Conservatives I know”
Greg Hands MP

“Edward is a real team player and his assistance, unfailing good humour and work has made the regional team a reality for many constituency associations"
Cllr Peter Golds (Leader Conservative Group, Tower Hamlets)

"You have been a beacon of good sense and good advice"
Patricia Moberly (former Chairman, Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust)

"Edward Heckels did some excellent work when he was candidate for Leyton & Wanstead in 2001"
Roger Evans (former Conservative Group Leader, Greater London Assembly)

“I have known many MPs - backbenchers and Ministers - over the years. Edward will be an outstanding addition to their number”
Lord Wilson of Dinton (Cabinet Secretary, 1998-2002)

"Thank you for your invaluable support; I simply would not have made it to City Hall without it"
Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)

“Edward is a tireless and effective campaigner”
Adam Holloway MP

“Edward has a proven track record of leadership - he always walks the talk - and has a great way of motivating and inspiring people from all backgrounds to get involved with campaigning”
Cllr John Whelan (Leader, Conservative Group, London Borough of Lambeth)

"Edward has the tenacity and zeal to motivate any campaign"
Alan Duncan MP

“Edward's friendly manner and cast-iron commitment mean that he is effective not only as a leader of party volunteers but also as their defender”
Martin Calderbank (former Chairman, London South Area, Conservative Party)

"A glorious victory had been won - in no small part due to your help."
Cllr Patrick Mulligan (after taking Airedale from the LibDems in the 2009 elections to North Yorkshire County Council)

"There is absolutely no doubt that I won the seat because of Edward's intervention"
Cllr Ian Bruce (former Conservative MP for South Dorset and victor in June 2006 in the Westham West by-election in Weymouth, Dorset)

"As the GLA Candidate for Lambeth/Southwark in 2004 I can confirm that the person who did most to pull the campaign together and support my agent and myself in running the campaign was Edward Heckels"
Bernard Gentry (former candidate for Lambeth/Southwark, London Assembly election)

"Edward is a tremendous advocate for all that is best about Conservatism - loyal, committed and with a keen eye on the future - as well as having a great sense of humour!"
Mark Field MP

"Thanks for the magnificent effort you and your team put in on our behalf"
Adrian Warburton (Chairmam, Gravesham Conservative Association on assistance provided for the May 2007 local elections)

"I have worked alongside Edward in various capacities for the last seven years and I value his sound advice and input“
Sean Donovan-Smith (Chairman, London South Area, Conservative Party)

"Edward is an outstanding candidate"
Margaret Thatcher, Waltham Forest Guardian, 29 March 2001

Edward Heckels with Margaret Thatcher

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With the Mayor of London
With the Mayor of London
Listening to pensioners' concerns
Listening to pensioners' concerns
Meeting younger members of the community
Meeting younger members of the community
Visiting Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital as a Governor
Visiting Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital as a Governor
With Oliver Letwin, Chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum
With Oliver Letwin, Chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum
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